Power Rangers Operation Overdrive : Episode 21 - Once A Ranger II
PROO premiered Monday February 26th on TOON Disney and Saturday March 3rd on abc Kids.

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Air Date:
Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday July 23rd, 2007 - 0 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday August 18th, 2007 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Teleplay By: Jackie Marchand
Directed By: Britta Johnstone

Adam Gardiner (Voice of Kamdor); Mark Ferguson (Voice of Moltor); Kelson Henderson (Voice of Mig); David Weatherly (Voice of Benglo); Nic Sampson (Voice of Sentinel Knight); Glen Levy (Thrax); Richard Brancatisano (Xander Bly (Green Mystic Ranger)); Matt Austin (Bridge Carson (S.P.D. Red Ranger)); Emma Lahana (Kira Ford (Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger)); Sally Martin (Tori Hanson (Blue Wind Ranger)); Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park (Mighty Morphin Black Ranger)); Campbell Cooley (Voice of Alpha 6); Shanez Aarron (Warrior Goddess).

New Shown: Excelsior; Warrior Goddess; new Sentinel Knight...

Summary: Adam brings his four team members with him to a warehouse in Angel Grove. Bridge uses his psychic genetic power to help find whatever it is that Adam is looking for, but finds Chillers instead. Xander: "Time for plan Xander!" The team battle the Chillers to the floor. Once the Chillers are gone, the team finds what Adam was looking for, and they bring it back to base.

Sentinel Knight reminds Mack, "Once A Ranger, Always A Ranger!" Mack asks him what Thrax meant when he said he knew what could defeat Sentinel Knight. Sentinel Knight tells him their is one weapon that has the power to destroy him, the Sword Excelsior.

Ronny has returned to car racing in Monaco, but it's just not the same. Dax is being filmed in front of a Green Screen in Auckland, New Zealand. Will has returned to his international spy recovery Job. Tyzonn wanders a field, all alone. Rose has returned to her university and gives a lecture on Sustainable Energy and Global Warming. As Rose's class students exit the room, Mack enters, but to only ask her a question. Mack asks her what she knows about the sword called Excelsior. She tells him there is a book all about it in the library. Mack takes off to search for that book. But Rose knows something is up, so she makes some calls.

In a dark forest, Mack falls into a pit. He creates a way to climb back up out of the pit. Mack finds a statue holding Excelsior. Thrax has been following Mack, leading him right to Excelsior. The other five former OO Rangers arrive at the scene. From out of a crate, Andrew and Adam reactivate Alpha 6. Thrax plans to restore his parents' legacy by destroying the Sentinel Knight. Thrax tries to grab Excelsior, but the statue doesn't allow him. Mack explains that Excelsior belongs to the Warrior Goddess, and only she can release the sword. Now that he knows he can't have the sword, Thrax just decides to trash the entire planet. Andrew and Adam transport Alpha 6 into the Morphing Grid, though no one has ever been inside. Warrior Goddess appears as the statue and hands Mack Excelsior.

Inside the Morphing Grid, Alpha 6 wonders what Zordon would do. The new team of Rangers intercept Vulturus with Mighty Morphin Black Ranger controlling the Flash Point Megazord, and the others controlling the DriveMax Ultrazord. The megazords are no match for Vulturus. Mack uses Excelsior to destroy Vulturus.

Back in the base, Mack gives Excelsior to the Sentinel Knight. The Sword's power is so great that it not only restores his power, but also becomes a part of him, transforming his whole body. Alpha 6 returns to the base, and has repaired the Morphing Grid. The OO Rangers now have their powers back.

Flurious places one of his Gyros inside Vulturus. Vulturus is revived and becomes stronger. The evil alliance prepare for battle. The team of eleven Rangers morph back into action: "It's Morphin Time!"; "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form! Ha!"; "Dino Thunder, Power Up! Ha!"; "S.P.D. Emergency!"; "Magical Source, Mystic Force!"; "Overdrive Accelerate!".

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger takes on Thrax alone, "Morphenomenal!" Mercury Ranger destroys Vulturus with his Drive Detector. Excelsior joins the battle, transforms into Sentinel Knight and destroys Thrax. Power Rangers Forever! The evil forces retreat.

Spencer brings Master Bridge a lot of buttery toast. The five recruited rangers get to keep their powers and will be just a phone call away. Xander invites them to the Rock Porium any time. Kira says she will visit them and bring her new CD she's working on. Adam and Alpha prepare to head back to Angel Grove. Alpha will be happy to help Adam with his Dojo.


Rank: 08*
  • -01* -- Alpha 6's new voice was annoying, and he's taller then he use to be.
  • -02* -- When Mack uses Excelsior and slices Vulturus, Vulturus explodes into pieces. But later, right before Flurious places one of his Gyros inside Vulturus, Vulturus is back in one piece.
  • +02* -- Adam gets a new Morphing video, and so does Bridge. The new team of Rangers also use the Operation Overdrive Megazords and weapons.
  • -01* -- They ruined the Thrax vs Mighty Morphin Black Ranger power punch background explosion scene by adding the annoying Shock wave and slow mo sound.
  • *00* -- Mighty Morphin Black Ranger uses the Flash Point Megazord while the other four use the DriveMax Ultrazord. Overdrive Red uses S.P.D. Red's Delta Blasters. Mighty Morphin Black Ranger uses the Defender Vest. S.P.D. Red uses the Drive Lance.
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