Power Rangers Operation Overdrive : Episode 20 - Once A Ranger
PROO premiered Monday February 26th on TOON Disney and Saturday March 3rd on abc Kids.

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Air Date:
Jetix DxD (online): Monday July 16th, 2007.
TOON Disney: Monday July 23rd, 2007 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday August 11th, 2007 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Teleplay By: Jackie Marchand
Directed By: Britta Johnstone

Adam Gardiner (voice of Kamdor); Mark Ferguson (Voice of Moltor); Kelson Henderson (Voice of Mig); David Weatherly (Voice of Benglo); Nic Sampson (Voice of Sentinel Knight); Glen Levy (Thrax); Richard Brancatisano (Xander Bly (Green Mystic Ranger)); Matt Austin (Bridge Carson (S.P.D. Red Ranger)); Emma Lahana (Kira Ford (Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger)); Sally Martin (Tori Hanson (Blue Wind Ranger)); Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park (Mighty Morphin Black Ranger)).

New Shown: Thrax...

Summary: A Ship Monster steals a ruby from a museum for Kamdor and Miratrix. Kamdor has no use for the ruby, but Miratrix decides she wants it. The Rangers arrive to retrieve the ruby for the museum. The Ship Monster is defeated by the Drive Detector's launched slash attack. Kamdor and Miratrix retreat. Norg and Flurious receive a strange message invitation. The team returns the ruby to the museum. Kamdor and Miratrix also receive the same message. The messenger offers to help find the remaining jewels. Though Kamdor refuses, they are transported to an unknown lair. Norg, Flurious, Moltor and the Fearcats were also transported to the lair.

The messenger introduces himself as Thrax. Miratrix has heard of him and thought he was banished forever. Thrax explains that, like Moltor and Flurious, he was imprisoned by the Sentinel Knight. The Sentinel Knight used his own power to contain Thrax in a Space Dumpster. But by doing so, the Sentinel Knight grew weaker. With Sentinel Knight in a weakened state, years later, Thrax was able to break free from his confinement.

Thrax says there is only one thing standing in their way of finding the Jewels of the Corona Aurora, the Power Rangers. Thrax proposes a temporary alliance to eliminate the Rangers.

Thrax introduces himself to the Rangers as son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. The evil alliance overpower the rangers. They give their evil energy to Thrax, which he then attacks the Universal Morphing Grid. The Team's Trackers are damaged, and they are no longer Power Rangers. Sentinel Knight appears, and Thrax tells his evil alliance that they can't destroy him, but knows what can. Sentinel Knight transports the team away. Sentinel Knight knows he must do something now that the remaining jewels are unprotected. Sentinel Knight leaves them.

Back at base, Andrew is unable to repair the Morphing Grid. Spencer informs them that the evil alliance has wasted no time in searching for the remaining jewels, they are attacking all over the world.

Kamdor and Mig arrive at Stonehenge in search of the Jewels. The morphless Rangers intercept them, but are no match. As Kamdor and Mig are about to finish them off, roots from the ground suddenly wrap around Mig...Green Mystic Ranger has arrived, "Surprise!" Kamdor is then blasted at by the S.P.D. Red Ranger, "hello!" Mig breaks free from the roots, but is then attacked by the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger, "It's great to be back!" Kamdor is then attacked by the Blue Wind Ranger of Ninja Storm, "Let the games begin!" The ground opens below Kamdor and Mig, It's the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger, "Looks like you guys could use a little help!" Kamdor and Mig retreat.

The five returning Rangers Power Down: Tori Hanson; Kira Ford; Bridge Carson; Xander Bly; Adam Park.

Sentinel Knight appears and tells them he will answer all of their questions. The team first head to the base.

In the base, Bridge explains how he became, or how he will become the S.P.D. Red Ranger in the future. He explains that he will become the Green Ranger, then Blue Ranger. After his mentor, Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, got promoted to head of SPD, which was run by Fowler Birdy who retired and went down to Miami, Sky got promoted, then Bridge got promoted, and that's why he's the Red Ranger! Or rather, will be.

Sentinel Knight appears and explains that he has asked these previous Power Rangers to help, and he was able to channel some of his remaining energy to restore their powers. Sentinel Knight has chosen these five to replace them as the new team of Power Rangers.

Flurious uses Chillers to block up the main road, but Mighty Morphin Black Ranger blasts through using Will's Hovertek Cycle. The other four recruited Rangers join battle against the Chillers, forcing Flurious to retreat.

Adam returns to base and assists Andrew with working on trying to repair the Trackers. Andrew was able to reinforce the Morphing Grid so it can't cut off their powers as well. Adam tells him that he may know who might be capable of fixing the Morphing Grid.

The evil alliance return to Thrax's lair. Thrax reveals that he has a creature named Vulturus, which he will send to eliminate the new team of Rangers while he gets his revenge on the Sentinel Knight.

The six former OO Rangers inform Andrew that they have decided to go back to their normal lives since they no longer have their Ranger power and he has a replacement team. The six leave Operation Overdrive...

Rank: 05*
  • -02* -- Way to much explosions and slow scenes.
  • -03* -- Kamdor power slices right through Ronny with both of his blades, but yet, Ronny gets right back up without a scratch.
  • *00* -- Mighty Morphin Black Ranger uses Will's Hovertek Cycle.
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