Power Rangers Operation Overdrive : Episode 16 - Just Like Me
PROO premiered Monday February 26th on TOON Disney and Saturday March 3rd on abc Kids.

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Air Date:
Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday June 18th, 2007 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday June 30th, 2007 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Teleplay By: David Garber
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

Mark Ferguson (Voice of Moltor); Mia Koning (Pretty Girl (Zoey)).

New Shown: Moltor super charged double strike; Chiller Stones; Zip 2; Hammer of Mjolnir; Drive Scope flare; Drive Lance charged fire slash; Drive Claws double slash; Drive Vortex charged blast; Drive Geyser charged blast; Drive Slammer slash attack; Drive Detector charged blast.

Summary: Norg leaves the Ice Den hoping that when he returns, Flurious will miss him.

Tyzonn tries to be more like humans by copying Will and picking up ladies.

A Lava Lizard steals a map from a museum in Norway for Moltor. The Ancient Map leads to the great Hammer of Mjolnir.

Norg has gone to Moltor's lair. He gives Moltor some Chiller Stones to add to his army, hoping that Moltor would let him stay.

Mjolnir, mythical hammer of the Norse God Thor.

Mercury Ranger finds the Hammer, but Moltor takes it from him. The rangers destroy some Lava Lizards, but Moltor uses the hammer to revive three of them and make them grow. Once the rangers form the DriveMax Ultrazord, Moltor uses the hammer again to make the Lava Lizards grow even larger. Mercury Ranger takes back the hammer and makes the DriveMax Ultrazord, and the rangers, larger. Two of the Lava Lizards are destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord, and Mercury Ranger uses the Flash Point Megazord to destroy the last one from within the Lava Lizard's body.

Moltor kicks Norg out of his lair. Norg returns to Flurious, but Flurious makes it clear that he was not missed.

Ronny and Rose place the Cannon of Kiamook and Thor's Hammer on a table and turn off the lights. The Cannon of Kiamook and Thor's Hammer begin to react with each other...

Rank: 01*
  • -03* -- Moltor strikes all six with a super charged attack, but yet they survive? They shouldn't fight unmorphed, especially when they know that the footsoldiers' boss is right there in the area and could attack them at any moment.
  • -02* -- Again, how does Norg travel to other areas on Earth without Flurious transporting him? And how does Norg know where Moltor's lair is?
  • -01* -- Tyzonn wanting to act like Will? I hope he was only copying and repeating Will as a joke. He did kind of make it seem he was just doing it as a joke in at least one scene.
  • -01* -- Slow fighting scenes.
  • -03* -- A very large boulder falls on Will, but yet, his legs, or at least his feet, are not crushed? And why would Tyzonn take the chance of destroying the boulder when smaller large pieces could easily strike him or Will. Tyzonn could of just morphed, then moved, or even picked up, the boulder.
  • -01* -- When Flurious is yelling at Norg, the wind is blowing, even when Flurious isn't saying anything.
  • +02* -- This episode almost received a complete "00", but it saved it's self with each Ranger, all six, and even Moltor, having their own weapon charged attack clip. Plus, the super giant sized Lava Lizards, and giant sized DriveMax Ultrazord.
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