Power Rangers Operation Overdrive : Relics
Relic; Artifact; Precious; Item.
 Precious Relic
Episode: 01.

Bio: Mack daydreams of an adventure book about Baron von Gorstein, "The Baron's Betrayal", who steals an item from him.
 Corona Aurora -- Crown of the Gods
Bio: With it's five jewels, it has power over the entire universe. Many millennia ago in a galaxy on the other side of the universe there were two brothers, Moltor and Flurious, who tried to steal the Corona Aurora but the crown was so powerful it cursed them, changed their appearance and sent them off to distant planets imprisoning them in their own elements.

In order to stop anyone from getting the power again, the guardian took the five jewels from the crown and scattered them on a distant uninhabited planet. That planet, those many millennia ago, was Earth.

After Andrew Hartford had found the crown, awakening great evil from other worlds, the guardian of the crown appears and informs Hartford of what he has done and tells him what he must now do to protect the crown. The guardian is to weak to go after it himself. Andrew Hartford recruits five people to become Power Rangers.

Episode 2: Moltor steals the Crown.

The five jewels: Lucky Pearl; Toru Diamond; Blue Sapphire; Star of Isis; Pink Emerald.

Episode 6: Brownbeard gives the Rangers his Lucky Pearl. Episode 12: The Rangers find the Toru Diamond in a volcano. Episode 19: The Rangers search for the third jewel on a beach. They find the Blue Sapphire in the ocean. Will is attacked by Kamdor and Miratrix. But instead of retreating back to base with the jewel, Will decides to show off. Kamdor and Miratrix manage to get the Blue Sapphire from him. Episode 25: Kamdor finds the Star of Isis. But as Kamdor and Miratrix are leaving, Ronny uses her super speed and takes the Star of Isis. Episode 30: Norg finds the Blue Sapphire in Kamdor's hideout cave then gives it to Flurious.

Episode 31: Flurious shakes things up a bit for Moltor by using the Blue Sapphire to cause the volcano to erupt, causing Moltor's lair to break apart.

Moltor, at a weakened state from battling the Rangers, goes to Flurious seeking his help. Moltor brought the crown with him and a prisoner, Vella. Then Flurious, his own brother, freezes Moltor and shatters him.

The crown reverts the Blue Sapphire back to it's original form. Flurious places the jewel on the crown and asks it where the other jewels are. The crown shows him Andrew's mansion.

Andrew places a gold medallion in an indentation on a sarcophagus, then Rose moves forward with the crown's jewels and a Mummy comes to life.

Episode 32: The Mummy gives them the Pink Emerald. The Mummy turns to dust, and Chillers enter the place. Flurious walks in and thanks Andrew for finding all the jewels for him. The Rangers defeat the Chillers. Flurious captures Mack and orders the others to hand over the jewels. Andrew gives him the Pink Emerald. The others hand over the remaining jewels and Flurious takes off.

The crown reverts the jewels to their original form and Flurious places them on the crown. The team arrives at the scene unmorphed. As they accelerate into action, Flurious uses the crown to enhance his icy powers and freeze them along with the whole city. But the build up energy from morphing unfreezes them. Flurious then puts on the crown and transforms into a very powerful form. Red Sentinel Ranger's energy vortex blade strike finisher destroys Flurious' new form and the crown is knocked away from him. Red then uses the rest of his power to destroy Flurious.

The others find Mack lying on the ground unconscious and take him back to base, but they are unable to bring him back. Sentinel Knight appears in his true form, no longer combined with the sword Excelsior, and places the crown on Mack's head. The crown then brings Mack back and turns him into a human.
Episode: 03.
Tracker Scan Level: 86.

Bio: A Cocoon is found inside the temple ruins of the city believed to be Atlantis and believed to belong to Neptune, God of the Sea. When Blue Ranger reached for the item it replicated many fake Cocoons. Red Ranger solved this puzzle easily by creating a chain reaction causing each fake to explode revealing the real one.

Rose opens the Cocoon and inside is an Ancient Scroll...
 Sword of Neptune
Episode: 04.

Bio: The Ancient Scroll found from inside the Cocoon is just one of the three scrolls of Neptune's Sword.

Spencer received an e-mail telling him that the other two scrolls were in the International Museum of Antiquities. But about two years ago, the two scrolls were believed to have been stolen by Lady Penelope Easterbrook-Smythe -- the "Gray Manx". Her heists are legendary, Will had tried for years to recover artifacts she allegedly stole from museums but never been able to catch her with a thing.

Will retrieves the two scrolls but are taken by Ultreg. Ultreg absorbs the scrolls' power which increases his power and forms a sword. The rangers get the two scrolls back.

Rose puts the three scrolls in a line. The three scrolls then form together and become Neptune's Sword. Unfortunately, the sword's jewel is missing but the Sword then flies into a map, revealing the location of the jewel...
 Eye of the Sea
Episode: 06.

Bio: On St. Lucia, the team uses a map to locate the Eye of the Sea jewel which a ghost pirate called Brownbeard had spent his whole life searching for.

Miratrix steals the Eye of the Sea and gives the jewel to a cannon monster to destroy the city. The monster stores the jewel inside himself, giving him more power and transforming himself into a giant Saw Machine by magnetizing and fusing metals around him. Pink Ranger pilots the Shovel Driver zord. With Red's help, the Shovel Driver manages to destroy the Saw, which frees the jewel.

Brownbeard gives the jewel to the team, but they discover that the Eye of the Sea jewel is not the jewel they were looking for that goes with the Sword of Neptune, so Rose gives the jewel back to the pirate. In exchange, Brownbeard gives them his Lucky Pearl...
 Lucky Pearl
Episode: 06; 12; 31; 32.
Tracker Scan Level: 100.

Bio: Brownbeard's Lucky Pearl is revealed as the first jewel of the Corona Aurora.
 Dragon Scale
Episode: 07.

Bio: Red and Yellow test the new Drill Blaster but even in Ranger Mode the blaster is too strong. Hartford Industries has developed the Stabilizing Shield. It will neutralize the kick in the Drill Blaster by dispersing the impact. But, Andrew needs something with enough energy to power it.

Andrew located a Dragon Scale. Rose informs the others that in Gaelic writings it is stated that a scale from a dragon holds enough energy to light the world. There were reports of a magical dragon outside of a city called Briarwood. Andrew purchased a Dragon Scale from the Rock Porium record store owner, Toby Slambrook, a scale which belonged to the Dragon known as Fireheart.

Moltor and Valcon steal the Dragon Scale. Inside a building, Moltor heats up Valcon and the scale. Once the Gas Cylinders ignite it will get hot enough to make the scale expand and wrap around Valcon's body, making him invincible.

The Rangers locate Moltor. Red Ranger sends the others after the scale while he battles Moltor. The four locate Valcon and the scale but the extreme heat is to much for them. Moltor makes his escape and Red Ranger calls for then activates the zords. He forms the DriveMax Megazord and the others join him. Red Ranger activates zord #8, the Cement Driver. They then add a little gravel and form the DriveMax Megazord Mixer Formation. With the building about to explode, the rangers cover it with cement. The building then explodes with little impact and Valcon remains the same. The rangers reveal that they had taken the scale back before they left the building. Moltor's plan to create a Super Lizard has failed.

Red Ranger connects the Dragon Scale with the Stabilizing Shield and activates the Defender Vest.
Episode: 08.

Bio: Hou-Ou -- The legendary Japanese King of Birds that, according to legend, if you set it free, it will give you clues to find the Touru Diamond, the world's most precious diamond. Also, according to legend, it bestows the holder with great power.

The five go to Istanbul, Turkey to retrieve the Hou-Ou Bird from a safe. They were told that the door would be left open for them, but when the office is located, they find that the door has been blasted off it's hinges. The safe is located, but it has been broken into and the Hou-Ou Statue has been stolen.

Miratrix and Kamdor have the Statue. By a certain angle to the Sun, the Hou-Ou Statue turns into a bird and flies away. Miratrix catches up with the Hou-Ou, which then a Parchment is dropped. Miratrix takes off with the Parchment, and the Hou-Ou Bird turns back into a Statue.

Miratrix and Kamdor regroup. The two must now somehow translate the Parchment, which will help lead to the Touru Diamond...
 Hou-Ou Parchment
Episode: 08; 10; 11; 12.

Bio: ...Episode 10: Kamdor tries to destroy the Transtek Armor in battle, but instead, he looses the Parchment to the Blue Ranger.

Episode 11: Moltor orders his new prisoner, Tyzonne, to go with Bullox to steal the Parchment from the Rangers.

Tyzonne steals the Parchment. Red manages to get a corner part of the Parchment back, but Tyzonne gets away with the rest of it.

Mack later learns that Tyzonne isn't their enemy, and doesn't even know what the Parchment is for. Mack informs him that it leads to one of the jewels of the Corona. Tyzonne is shocked to hear that the Corona Aurora has been found, and knows that if Moltor gets the jewels, he will use the power to destroy everything that is good on all planets.

Tyzonne gives the Parchment back to Mack, and when they hold the two parts together, the Parchment becomes one again.

Episode 12: Mack explains to the others that they can trust him, and that Tyzonn is going to help find the Touru Diamond. Tyzonn pours lemonade on the Parchment. The citric acid in the lemonade reveals the longitude and latitude location of the diamond...
Touru Toru Diamond
Episode: 12; 31; 32.

Bio: The diamond is located in a volcano. Red and Tyzonn take the diamond. Tyzonn gives the Touru Diamond to Andrew. The diamond then shrinks to a smaller size. Sentinel Knight appears and congratulates them of their progress. They learn that they can use the two jewels they now have to help Tyzonn. Tyzonn is transformed back into his true humanoid form.
 Ancient Text
Episode: 13.

Bio: In Portugal, The Fearcats find a book in a tree which leads them to Brazil in search for one of the jewels...
 Yanomami Statue
Episode: 13; 14; 15; 17.

Bio: In Brazil, Dr. Medford finds the Yanomami Statue.

Episode 14: Dr. Medford and his team give the Yanomami Statue to the rangers.

Episode 15: Andrew analyzes the jewel imprint on the Yanomami Statue and picks up a similar reading from a remote mountainside in Indonesia...
 Cannon of Kiamook
Episode: 15; 16; 17.
Bio: Flurious plans to retrieve the legendary Kiamook Cannon. Kamdor enters and offers to take out the Mercury Ranger while he retrieves the cannon.

When Flurious is about to pilot his Giant Robot to get the Cannon of Kiamook, the Fearcats take the robot for themselves. Benglo finds the cannon and has it grow for the robot to use. Mig joins Benglo inside the robot.

After destroying the evil robot, the cannon returns to normal size, and Tyzonn retrieves it...
 Hammer of Mjolnir
Episode: 16; 17.

Bio: A Lava Lizard steals a map from a museum in Norway for Moltor. The Ancient Map leads to the great Hammer of Mjolnir.

Mjolnir, mythical hammer of the Norse God Thor.

Moltor used the hammer to revive three Lava Lizards and made them grow super large. Mercury Ranger takes the hammer and makes the DriveMax Ultrazord, and the rangers, larger. The three Lava Lizards are destroyed.

Ronny and Rose place the Cannon of Kiamook and Thor's Hammer on a table and turn off the lights. The Cannon of Kiamook and Thor's Hammer begin to react with each other.

Episode 17: Rose recognizes the face on the Yanomami Statue and discovers that it looks like the face on Mars. She figures that the face on Mars must be staring at the next jewel, then calculates the location to Mexico. Rose: "If we use the carbon dating from the statue to correct for the orbital flux, we get... Mexico!"

The hammer can attack/destroy selected ones from an area without harming others in the same path. Mercury Ranger: "Divine Intervention!"

The rangers locate the next relic in Mexico, but it's protected by a Rock Formation. The Cannon and hammer aren't able to break the rocks alone, so the team connect the two. The Rock Formation is destroyed, and an Ancient Compass is what they find. Ronny gives Thor's hammer to him. Moltor appears and steals the compass from them...
 Paedra Aztec Del Compass
Episode: 17; 18; 19.
Tracker Scan Level: 88.

Bio: Blothgaar visits Moltor after hearing that he has found the Paedra Aztec Del Compass. Moltor gives him the compass to use against the rangers.

Blothgaar appears in a park, and the rangers surround him from four sides. Blothgaar uses the compass to make the rangers' blasts pass through him (lasers barely miss him), and his own blasts to bounce off a surface and back at the ranger if one deflects it. Blothgaar tells them that with this compass, he controls all Chi and Li energy. He uses the compass to remove all of Mack's good fortune, and replaces it with bad-luck. Blothgaar exits the scene.

Red Ranger gets the compass back and takes down Blothgaar. Pink Ranger uses the compass to take off the curse. Blothgaar crawls his way back to the valley of power. Moltor kicks him into the valley which boosts his strength, then makes him grow.

Blothgaar's power is great, so the Rangers surround him with the four Auxiliary zords, then use the bad-luck spell on him through the megazord. They form the Super DriveMax Megazord and destroy Blothgaar...
 Blue Sapphire
Episode: 19; 30; 31; 32.
Bio: The team search for the third jewel on a beach using the Compass. The rangers find a Sapphire, the third jewel of the Corona Aurora, in the ocean. The Fearcats test their newest robot. The team give Will the jewel to bring to the base while they intercept the Fearcats in the city. After they leave, Will is attacked by Kamdor and Miratrix. But instead of retreating with the jewel, Will decides to show off. Kamdor and Miratrix manage to get the jewel from him and escape with it.

Episode 30: In his cave, Norg spies on Kamdor as he uses the Blue Sapphire to pull an asteroid towards Earth to keep the Rangers busy while he searches for the fifth jewel. After Kamdor leaves the cave, Norg obtains the Blue Sapphire. The Rangers destroy the asteroid with the DriveMax Ultrazord.

Norg gives the Blue Sapphire to Flurious.
 Super Armor
Episode: 19.

Bio: Moltor lures the Fearcats to his lair and gives them a map which leads to Super Armor. Will manages to take the map from Mig and escape.

Hidden in a rock formation, Will finds the Super Armor. He destroys the rock formation with his blaster, but Mig is right behind him. The other Rangers arrive to help. Mig joins Benglo, and the Fearcats use their newest robot to take the Super Armor. The Super Armor combines with the robot.

The Super Armor is to great, the rangers can't stop them. Will informs his team that he lost the thirt jewel to Kamdor and Miratrix. The Rangers decide to attack from all sides. Black Ranger controls the Megazord while the others separate the four Auxiliary Zords. They give it their all, hoping to overtake the robot. They manage to take the Super Armor from the robot using the Crane arm. The Rangers then destroy the robot.
 Centurion Torch
Episode: 22.

Bio: The Fearcats search for the Centurion Torch that can set the world on fire. Benglo locates the Centurion Torch and sets it free. The Fearcats use the Torch's power through one of their giant robots. The Rangers fly their way through the power of the Torch with their DriveMax Ultrazord and destroy the evil robot. The Fearcats are once again forced to retreat, and the Rangers get the Centurion Torch. The teans bring the Centurion Torch to base...
 Sican Beetle (Golden Scarabaeid Beetle)
Episode: 23; 24.

Bio: Andrew discovers a hidden compartment on the Centurion Torch which inside they find an amber Golden Scarab Beetle with a strong jewel signature. In Egypt, Mack, Tyzonn, Dax and Rose take the beetle to a shop dealer. The shop dealer informs them that, according to legend, the Sican Beetles are buried deep in the sands of the Giza desert...
Episode: 23; 24.

Bio: Moltor tries to power his new T-Rex robot with a Gyro Generator that the Fearcats had taken from Flurious, but the Gyro alone is not powerful enough to power it. Moltor and the Fearcats use this Egg with the Fearcats' converter machine. Moltor plugs the Sentinel Sword directly into the converter. The Fearcats attach Ronny to the Egg's confiner and her life force begins to drain.

Moltor sends a batch of energy drained from Ronny to power up his new T-Rex robot and the Gyro Generator. Moltor attends to his robot while the Fearcats stay to complete the draining. The Sentinel Sword finally transforms into Knight Mode and tries to save Ronny, but the converter has weakened him. The Fearcats kick Sentinel Knight near the energy drainer relic and device, and Sentinel Knight is converted to evil.

In battle, Moltor uses up the batch of energy taken from Ronny and is forced to retreat.

Episode 24: Black Ranger breaks down the door to the control room and Sentinel Knight faints. Will disables the machine and saves Ronny. Moltor takes the Energy Egg inside his T-Rex robot and uses the Egg to power it. Sentinel Knight becomes good again. The Rangers form the Battlefleet Megazord. The T-Rex robot is destroyed, but Moltor and the Egg escape...
Episode: 24; 25.

Bio: In Egypt, Mack, Tyzonn, Rose and Dax search for beetles in the sands of the Giza desert. Dax sees a mirage. Thinking that it's water, Dax jumps in and discovers an underground temple. Inside the underground temple, Rose accidentally sets off a trap which unleashes a swarm of bugs after them. They run inside a room. Mack pushes a stone door in the way to keep the bugs out. But inside they encounter Miratrix and Kamdor who take off in another direction with an engraved tablet. Back on the surface, the rangers obtain the tablet and transport it to base...
 Star of Isis
Episode: 25; 31; 32.

Bio: Andrew learns that the engraved tablet may lead them to the Star of Isis, the 4th jewel. Kamdor creates a Computer Monster and uploads a virus for the monster to upload into the zords to transfer to the Rangers' mainframe in order to steal their decoding of the location of the fourth jewel, Florida Everglades.

As Kamdor and Miratrix make their escape with the jewel, Ronny uses her super speed to take the Star of Isis from them as they are leaving.
 Octavian Chalice
Episode: 26; 27; 28; 29; 30.
Bio: Mig and Benglo find the Octavian Chalice.

Episode 27: The Rangers learn that the Octavian Chalice is a legendary receptacle that can synthesize the energy of three other ancient relics -- Minerva's Staff, the Root of Hesper, and the Sands of Silla. And according to legend, if these three are placed in the chalice it will unleash a power that can destroy worlds.

Flurious finds Minerva's Staff. Kamdor and Miratrix find the Sands of Silla. Mig takes the Sands from Kamdor.

From out of a volcano, a Lava Lizards retrieves the Root of Hesper for Moltor. Flurious appears with the Staff to obtain the Root of Hesper, but Benglo takes the Staff from him instead. Then Mig takes the Root of Hesper from Moltor.

Mig and Benglo place the three relics in the Octavian Chalice and summon the Mighty Agrios, a beast with legendary strength. Mig and Benglo combine an Aircraft machine with Agrios for control. The Rangers form the DriveMax Ultrazord but is easily defeated. So they form the Battlefleet Megazord. They summon Sentinel Knight to help. Sentinel Knight is defeated. Even the Battlefleet Megazord can't stop Agrios. The Zords are trashed.

Episode 28: Andrew, Spencer and Rose repair the Zords and Sentinel Sword. Agrios and the Aircraft are destroyed by a double slash finish attack from the DriveMax Megazord, Battlefleet and Sentinel Sword combined.

The Fearcats are destroyed and the Rangers obtain the Octavian Chalice. The Octavian Chalice has more then one use.

Episode 29: After scanning the chalice, Rose discovers that it has the signatures of all five jewels of the Corona.

Episode 30: Rose tells the others of how the ancient Greeks used the Octavian Chalice to ask for things, like rain during a dry season, which this could only be done during a Solar Eclipse. And during a Solar Eclipse, at the moment of totality, you can see what's known as the Corona. The next Solar Eclipse is soon, so the team head on out to Greece.

Now in Greece, the Solar Eclipse begins. They place the Chalice on the pedestal, stand in a circle around the Chalice and take each other's hands. They reach to the sky and Rose asks the Chalice how they can find the fifth jewel of the Corona Aurora. But before receiving an answer, Miratrix interrupts and grabs the Chalice, commanding it to fill her with energy.

Miratrix is transformed into a giant owl-like creature. Ronny and Tyzonn try to break Miratrix's connection to the Chalice while the others try to stop her with the Battlefleet Megazord. Tyzonn uses his Mercury form to open the energy field long enough for Ronny to streak through and grab the Chalice. Miratrix then looses some power, and her beast form is destroyed by the "Battlefleet Rollers" finisher.

The Solar Eclipse ends, and the Octavian Chalice transforms itself into a golden plate...
 Minerva's Staff / Sands of Silla / Root of Hesper
Episode: 27 (Agrios 27 and 28).
Minerva's Staff, Tracker Scan Level: 73.

Bio: Mig and Benglo succeed in obtaining these three relics. Mig and Benglo place the three relics in the Octavian Chalice and summon the Mighty Agrios, a beast with legendary strength. Mig and Benglo combine an Aircraft machine with Agrios for control. The Rangers form the DriveMax Ultrazord but is easily defeated. So they form the Battlefleet Megazord. They summon Sentinel Knight to help. Sentinel Knight is defeated. Even the Battlefleet Megazord can't stop Agrios. The Zords are trashed.

Episode 28: Andrew, Spencer and Rose repair the Zords and Sentinel Sword. Agrios and the Aircraft are destroyed by a double slash finish attack from the DriveMax Megazord, Battlefleet and Sentinel Sword combined.
 Golden Plate
Episode: 30.
Bio: The Octavian Chalice transforms itself into this golden plate. Kamdor then takes the plate for himself.

After destroying Kamdor and regaining the golden plate, Will brings the plate to their base. They realize they have to head back to Egypt where they found the Tablet in the underground temple.

Inside the underground temple in the same room they found the Tablet in, they place the golden plate on a statue which then opens a door revealing a hidden room. Inside that room is a sealed tomb of which acquires a key to open...
 Tri-Dragon Key
Episode: 31.
Bio: The Rangers locate the Tri-Dragon Key, which is set to reside in a mythical shrine in Japan. Legend states when the three dragons roar, it's elusive power will be unleashed.

Moltor goes to grab the Tri-Dragon Key, but the key then reacts to his presence and takes off underground. Magmador uses his tentacles to hunt out the key. The tentacles show that the key will arrive at a waterfall.

At the waterfall, Moltor tries to grab it again, but then Black Ranger leaps past and grabs the key.

Back to Egypt, the team use the Tri-Dragon Key to open the tomb. But inside they only find a King's gold medallion...
 King's Gold Medallion
Episode: 31.
Bio: The ancients buried their kings in simple tombs in order to fool grave robbers. fifteen years ago, Andrew was given a gift by a foreign government for helping to further their archaeological studies. They gave him a Mummy, the Mummy seen through out the whole season. Andrew places the gold medallion in an indentation on the sarcophagus, then Rose moves forward with the crown's jewels and something happens...The Mummy comes to life...
 Pink Emerald
Episode: 32.

Bio: The Mummy gives them a small box, and inside they find a Pink Emerald, the fifth jewel. The box was lined with some metal that didn't let their Trackers read the jewel signature. The Mummy then turns to dust.
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