Power Rangers Operation Overdrive : Weap/Veh - Vehicles
The Weapons and Vehicles of defense are developed by Andrew and Hartford Industries. A small transporter (Im 2).



 Overdrive Vehicles
First used: Episode 1.

Bio: Vehicles used by the team, including Andrew Hartford and Spencer; Armored Truck; ATV; Two Off-Road Motorcycles. Dax uses the ATV. Ronny and Will use the two Motorcycles.
 S.H.A.R.C. (Special Hydro / Aero Recon Craft)
First used: Episode 2.

Bio: This craft is used by the team. It is capable of traveling on water and through the air. Ronny drives the craft.
 Hovertek Cycle
First used: Episode 4.

Bio: This Hovertek Cycle was created for Will. It can fire powerful lasers in both Cycle Mode and Hover Mode.
 Transtek Armor
First used: Blue(E:10); Yellow(E:11); Red(E:14); Mercury(E:18); Pink(E:20).

Bio: This Transtek Armor is for each of the five rangers to use. In Vehicle Mode, it can destroy evil forces with it's claws, and fire lasers. In Battle Mode, It can fire lasers from the head, hands, and shoulders. For it's final attack, it delivers a massive laser cannon attack, firing all lasers.
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