Power Rangers Operation Overdrive : Weap/Veh - Weapons
The Weapons and Vehicles of defense are developed by Andrew and Hartford Industries. A small transporter (Im 2).

Together weapon power strike.



 Overdrive Tracker
First used: Episode 1.
Owners: Overdrive Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue Rangers.
Type: Morphing Device; Communicator; Search / Analyzer Device.
Activation Morph Call: "Overdrive Accelerate!"

Bio: The Overdrive Trackers are carried on the back of their belts. They morph by opening the Tracker, pressing the Activation Button, shouting the Activation Code, then spinning the Turbo Wheel. By opening the Trackers halfway, the Trackers can be used to search/scan for items and display information. The Trackers can also be used to call/activate the zords. They increase the zords' speed and power by spinning the Turbo Wheel. The Megazord Formations are also activated by the Trackers.

Episode 08: Andrew has modified Will's Tracker to teleport the team back to the base.
 Drive Defender
First used: Blaster Mode Episode 1; Sword Mode Episode 2.
Owners: Overdrive Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue Rangers.
Type: Blaster; Sword.

Bio: The five each have their own Drive Defender which are carried on their belts in Blaster Mode.

In Blaster Mode, it can either fire a powerful laser at a single target or charge up for a more powerful laser explosion for multiple targets, (first used in episode 3). In Sword Mode, a power slash attack can be used.
 Head Lights
First used: Episode 1 Summoning light beams; Episode 3 "Head lamp".
Owners: Overdrive Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue Rangers.
Type: Light Summoning helmet.

Bio: The Rangers' weapons are summoned from the lights on their helmets. When pressed, The Rangers can activate their "Head lamp" which allows them to see in the dark. The rangers can also take off their helmets.
 Drive Lance
First used: Episode 1.
Owner: Overdrive Red Ranger.
Type: Lance.

Bio: The Drive Lance is able to grab it's enemies and reveal a blade. It also has the ability to deliver a powerful "Revline Time" strike attack.

Charged fire slash. Fire strike.
 Drive Slammer
First used: Episode 1.
Owner: Overdrive Black Ranger.
Type: Hammer.

Bio: The Drive Slammer can be thrown twirling at it's enemies and can slam with such force it cracks open the ground.

Slash attack.
 Drive Vortex
First used: Episode 1.
Owner: Overdrive Blue Ranger.
Type: Gyro; Gauntlet.

Bio: The Drive Vortex is capable of great force, blasting air powerful enough to blow evil away.

Charged blast.
 Drive Claws
First used: Episode 1.
Owner: Overdrive Yellow Ranger.
Type: Claws.

Bio: The Drive Claws are used for battle, digging, and striking objects at their enemies.

Double slash.
 Drive Geyser
First used: Episode 1.
Owner: Overdrive Pink Ranger.
Type: Blaster.

Bio: The Drive Geyser fires a powerful blast of laser water at it's enemies.

Charged blast.
 "Double-O Zip Shooter" also known as: Drive Scope
First used: "Zip Line" E2; Small parachute E4; Scope with Drive Defenders E4; Suction Cup E7; steel wire E11; Grappling Line 2 E16; Flare shooter E16; Blasts of explosions E19.
Owners: Overdrive Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue Rangers.
Type: Gadget; Scope; Grappling Line; Parachute; Suction Cup; Flare Shooter.
Bio: The Drive Scope can be used as a Grappling Hook, a small parachute, a suction cup, and can combine with the Drive Defender Blaster Mode for better targeting and increased power. It can also fires steel wire to tie an enemy, fire a Flare, or even fire blasts of explosions.
 Propeller Tank
Episode: 3.
Owner: All.
Type: Swimming Device.

Bio: Yellow and Black Overdrive Rangers used these to swim faster towards the entrance of the temple ruins.
 Stabilizing Shield / Defender Vest
First used: Red(E:7); Blue(E:11); Black(E:12).
Owner: Overdrive Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue Rangers.
Type: Stabilizer.

Bio: Red and Yellow test the Drill Blaster but even in Ranger Mode the blaster is too strong. Hartford Industries has developed the Stabilizing Shield. It will neutralize the kick in the Drill Blaster by dispersing the impact. Andrew locates a Dragon Scale which has enough energy to power it.

Red Ranger connects the Dragon Scale with the shield and activates the Defender Vest.
 Drill Blaster
First used: Red(E:7); Blue(E:11).
Owner: Overdrive Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue Rangers.
Type: Blaster.

Bio: The Drill Blaster in Mixer Mode turns it's enemies into stone with the "Tri-Laser", then switched into Drill Mode, it delivers a powerful drill blast, "Spiral Shooter", that shatters the enemy. The Tri-Laser can turn multiple enemies into stone.
 Mig's Blade Staff
Episode: 14.

Bio: Tyzonn takes Mig's staff from him and throws it to Yellow. Yellow then slashes the Fearcats with their own weapon.
 Mercury Morpher
First used: Episode 14.
Owner: Mercury Ranger.
Type: Morphing Device; Communicator; Search / Analyzer Device.
Activation Morph Call: "Overdrive Accelerate!"

Bio: Tyzonn uses this to become the Mercury Ranger. It is carried on his wrist. It can also be used to scan items.
 Drive Detector
First used: Episode 14.
Owner: Mercury Ranger.
Type: Staff; Blaster; Detector.

Bio: In staff mode, it can be used to detect hidden objects or villains. It also delivers a powerful slash finisher attack.

Charged blast.
 Excelsior also Sentinel Sword
First used: Episode 21.
Owner: Warrior Goddess; All; Self.
Type: Sword; Guardian.

Bio: Years ago, the Sentinel Knight used his own power to contain Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, in a Space Dumpster and placed him on Earth's Moon. But by doing so, the Sentinel Knight grew weaker. With Sentinel Knight in a weakened state, years later, Thrax was able to break free from his confinement. Thrax proposes a temporary evil alliance to eliminate the Rangers.

The evil alliance overpower the rangers. They give their evil energy to Thrax, which he then attacks the Universal Morphing Grid. The Team's Trackers are damaged, and they are no longer Power Rangers. Sentinel Knight appears, and Thrax tells his evil alliance that they can't destroy him, but knows what can. Sentinel Knight transports the team away. Sentinel Knight knows he must do something now that the remaining jewels are unprotected. Sentinel Knight forms a new team of Power Rangers to replace them: Green Mystic Ranger (Xander); S.P.D. Red Ranger (Bridge); Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger (Kira); Blue Wind Ranger of Ninja Storm (Tori); Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (Adam).

Adam assists Andrew with working on trying to repair the Trackers. Andrew was able to reinforce the Morphing Grid so it can't cut off their powers as well. Adam tells him that he may know who might be capable of fixing the Morphing Grid.

Episode 21: Adam brings his four team members with him to a warehouse in Angel Grove. The team finds what Adam was looking for, and they bring it back to base.

Mack asks Sentinel Knight what Thrax meant when he said he knew what could defeat Sentinel Knight. He tells Mack their is one weapon that has the power to destroy him, the Sword Excelsior.

Rose has returned to her university. Mack shows up and asks her what she knows about the sword called Excelsior. She tells him there is a book all about it in the library. Mack takes off to search for that book. But Rose knows something is up, so she makes some calls.

Mack finds a statue holding Excelsior. Thrax has been following Mack, leading him right to Excelsior. The other five former OO Rangers arrive at the scene. From out of a crate, Andrew and Adam reactivate Alpha 6. Thrax plans to restore his parents' legacy by destroying the Sentinel Knight. Thrax tries to grab Excelsior, but the statue doesn't allow him. Mack explains that Excelsior belongs to the Warrior Goddess, and only she can release the sword. Now that he knows he can't have the sword, Thrax just decides to trash the entire planet. Andrew and Adam transport Alpha 6 into the Morphing Grid, though no one has ever been inside. Warrior Goddess appears as the statue and hands Mack Excelsior.

Back in the base, Mack gives Excelsior to the Sentinel Knight. The Sword's power is so great that it not only restores his power, but also becomes a part of him, transforming his whole body. Alpha 6 returns to the base, and has repaired the Morphing Grid. The OO Rangers now have their powers back.

The evil alliance prepare for battle. The team of eleven Rangers morph back into action.

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger takes on Thrax alone. Excelsior joins the battle, transforms into Sentinel Knight and destroys Thrax with a power kicking attack. The evil forces retreat.

Sentinel Knight can also fire a powerful blast from the chest and grow zord size.

Super Power Punch.

Episode 32: With the villains destroyed, Sentinel Knight appears in his true form with the crown, no longer combined with the sword Excelsior.
 Sentinel Morpher
First used: Episode 25.
Owner: Overdrive Red Ranger.
Type: Morphing Device.
Activation Morph Call: "Red Sentinel Ranger, Activate!"

Bio: Overdrive Red Ranger uses this to become the Red Sentinel Ranger.
 Red Sentinel Ranger
First used: Episode 25.
Owner: Overdrive Red Ranger; Sentinel Knight.
Type: Battlizer.
Bio: This is Red Ranger and Sentinel Knight combined. Rose designed this new superweapon, not designed for humans. She combined the power of the Sentinel with some new robotics she designed. Mack is able to use this Battlizer due to him being an android.

Attacks: Melee Speedy; Power kick; Power punch; Super power punch; Ground blast; Sword Mode; Slashing finisher; Self tornado spin; Quick power strike; Energy vortex blade strike finisher; Spinning power strike; Charged power kick; Blast finisher.
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