Power Rangers Operation Overdrive : Rangers
An elite team of specialists track down five jewels from seven galaxies of the "Corona Aurora" crown said to bestow ultimate power to the wearer which must be protected. If the crown falls into the wrong hands, it can mean disaster not only for Earth but the entire universe.

Five brave teens set out on an exciting global treasure hunt to track down five long-lost Jewels from the Crown of the Gods. They must decode mind-crunching puzzles, embark on mythical adventures and overcome spectacular battles or Dark Forces will wear the Crown and evil will be unstoppable. The entire universe's fate rests in the hands of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. (Info from jetix website).

Five brave teens are sent on an exciting global treasure hunt filled with mind-crunching puzzles to decode, action, adventure and spectacular battles, on a quest to find the "Corona Aurora," a crown said to bestow ultimate power to the wearer. Dark forces from the past awaken and search for the missing crown, which is encrusted with five magnificent jewels from seven galaxies, which will make evil unstoppable. The jewels must be found and secured or evil will wear the Corona Aurora. Our world and the entire universe's fate rests in the hands of "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive."

While on an archaeological excursion in Africa, billionaire/adventurer Andrew Hartford unearthed the crown portion of what he believes is the Corona Aurora. The jewels of the crown were missing from the corona. Upon returning home, Standish is visited by the crown's ghostly Templar Knight who assured him he has found the crown, but in doing so he was now responsible for protecting it. If the crown falls into the wrong hands, it can mean disaster not only for Earth but the entire universe.

Now Hartford must scour the globe and find the five jewels that were scattered across the Pangea many eons before man even existed. He uses his intelligence and wealth to construct the technology and machinery, including morphing Trackers, which he entrusts to an elite team of specialists to track down the jewels and save the universe. He assembles Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. (Info from the OO Press Release).

 Overdrive Red Ranger

Name: Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford (Played by: James Maclurcan)
Age: 18. Hobby: Reading.
Genetic Enhancement: Super Strength
Morph Call: "Overdrive Accelerate!"
Weaponry: Overdrive Tracker; Drive Defender; Drive Lance;
Double-O Zip Shooter; Defender Vest; Drill Blaster;
Sentinel Sword; Sentinel Morpher; Red Sentinel Ranger.
Vehicle: Overdrive Armored Truck; S.H.A.R.C.; Transtek Armor.
Zord: Dump Driver; Drill Driver; Sonic Streaker; Battlefleet #14.
Bio: Mack dreams of being an adventurer like his father, Andrew Hartford, always wanting to go with him on his journeys. After Andrew had found the crown of the Gods and created Power Rangers to help defend it, Mack wanted to be a part of the team but his father didn't want any harm to come to him. Mack then takes matters into his own hands after Andrew is attacked and drops his Overdrive Tracker. Mack takes the Tracker to become the Red Ranger and proves that he makes a great ranger. Mack is a great leader.

Episode 25: Kamdor successfully transports a virus into the Rangers' mainframe. In doing so causes Mack to repeat himself.

Later, Mack awakes and finds that his head has been detached from his body. After repairing and reattaching his head, Andrew explains to Mack that he is an android. Andrew explains to his son that he created him, and he came online a little over two years ago. And the memories of himself growing up were all memories that Andrew gave him. Andrew thinks of him as the son he always wanted. Andrew was to busy with his work to find the right woman.

Mack informs the others that he is an android. They accept the news, but Mack is still angry, disappointed with his father.

Episode 26: Mack is unsure of who he is and what he enjoys. He's worried that everything he has done up to this point has only been what he was programmed to do. So Mack decides to try different things to see what he really likes. Mack tries out being a Rock Star, but Spencer pulls the plug.

Andrew tells Mack that when he grabbed the morpher to become the Red Ranger it was all his own doing, he was not programmed to take the morpher. Andrew tells him he does want him to make his own decisions. But then Andrew makes the mistake of saying that when he grabbed the morpher it was almost like as if he was human.

Episode 28: Mack begins calling him "Mr. Hartford".

Episode 31: Mack tells Andrew that he is the most expendable, and if something happens to him he can just build another, Mack version two or three.

Episode 32: Flurious captures Mack and orders the others to hand over the jewels. Mack tells them to keep fighting and that he isn't important. But Andrew says he is to him and gives one of the jewels to Flurious. The others hand over the remaining jewels and Flurious takes off.

Later, Andrew explains how much he loves his son, and Mack shows him he still loves him too.

Mack uses all of his power to destroy Flurious and retrieve the crown. The others find Mack lying on the ground unconscious and take him back to base, but they are unable to bring him back. Sentinel Knight appears in his true form, no longer combined with the sword Excelsior, and places the crown on Mack's head. The crown then brings Mack back and turns him into a human.

Andrew and Mack go on an adventure quest, together!
 Overdrive Black Ranger

Name: Will Aston Aton (Played by: Samuell Benta)
Age: 18.
Genetic Enhancement: Super Sight and Hearing
Morph Call: "Overdrive Accelerate!"
Weaponry: Overdrive Tracker; Drive Defender; Drive Slammer;
Double-O Zip Shooter; Defender Vest; Drill Blaster; Sentinel Sword.
Vehicle: Overdrive Motorcycle; S.H.A.R.C.; Hovertek Cycle.
Zord: Speed Driver; Crane Driver; Battlefleet #15.
Hobby: Unknown.
Bio: Will is sophisticated and worked as a Spy-for-Hire for governments to recover stolen goods. In Brazil, On a mission to recover stolen Corinthian diamonds for a museum, Will discovers an invitation from Andrew Hartford instead. Andrew had hired Will to break into his vault in order to test his skills before making him the Black ranger. With his Super Sight and Hearing, it seems he can even see around corners.

Will preferred doing everything himself to being a part of a team since he is use to working alone, "one-man show", and was not use to people telling him "no". But Mack helped him to understand that he can't save the universe alone and that they need him. The team is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Episode 32: Will has learned the importance of "We", not "I". He will be training a team of Artifact-Recovery Specialists to help with his work.
 Overdrive Blue Ranger

Name: Dax Lo (Played by: Gareth Yuen)
Age: 19.
Genetic Enhancement: Super Bounce Ability
Morph Call: "Overdrive Accelerate!"
Weaponry: Overdrive Tracker; Drive Defender; Drive Vortex;
Double-O Zip Shooter; Defender Vest; Drill Blaster; Sentinel Sword.
Vehicle: Overdrive ATV; S.H.A.R.C.; Transtek Armor.
Zord: Gyro Driver; Cement Driver; Battlefleet #16.
Hobby: Movie Buff
Bio: Dax worked as a professional Hollywood stuntman in California. He was recruited to become the Blue Ranger for his talents, and Andrew is a fan of his. With his Bounce ability he can really leap into action.

Episode 32: Dax decides he no longer wants a starring roll in a movie, but now wants to be a director.
 Overdrive Yellow Ranger

Name: Ronny Robinson (Played by: Caitlin Murphy)
Age: 18.
Genetic Enhancement: Super Speed
Morph Call: "Overdrive Accelerate!"
Weaponry: Overdrive Tracker; Drive Defender; Drive Claw;
Double-O Zip Shooter; Defender Vest; Drill Blaster; Sentinel Sword.
Vehicle: Overdrive Motorcycle; S.H.A.R.C.; Transtek Armor.
Zord: Dozer Driver; Drill Driver; Battlefleet #17.
Hobby: Building and Racing Stock Cars
Bio: Ronny had just won her 7th race car championship in a row at the Italian Grand Prix when she received her invitation from Andrew. With her Super Speed evil will have to be quick to slow her down.

Episode 32: Ronny decides to go back to racing.
 Overdrive Pink Ranger

Name: Rose Ortiz (Played by: Rhoda Montemayor)
Age: 18.
Genetic Enhancement: Invisibility
Morph Call: "Overdrive Accelerate!"
Weaponry: Overdrive Tracker; Drive Defender; Drive Geyser;
Double-O Zip Shooter; Defender Vest; Drill Blaster; Sentinel Sword.
Vehicle: Overdrive Armored Truck; S.H.A.R.C.; Transtek Armor.
Zord: Sub Driver; Shovel Driver; Battlefleet #18.
Hobby: Reading
Bio: Rose is a certified Genius. At Wickerbridge University of Technology in London, Rose discovers her invite after deactivating one of her robots that her professor caused to go out of control. Andrew read her papers on Advanced Nuclear Robotic Science and was very impressed. Rose took a year of Ancient Universal Legends at Harvard and so she also knew the story of the Corona Aurora crown.

Rose had skipped over most of grade school and went straight to college.

Episode 22: When Rose was a little girl, she never felt special. No one ever told her she was. So she made a decision to learn everything she could to make herself feel special. But even then, she still didn't feel any better. Tyzonn talks with Rose and makes her finally feel special.

Episode 32: Rose has learned that being smart is something to be proud of so she decides to go back to teaching.
 Mercury Ranger

Name: Tyzonn "Ty" (Played by: Dwayne Cameron (Also Played:
Derrick DinoThunder "Bully for Ethan"; Dru S.P.D. "Idol")
Age: Unknown. Zord: Rescue Runners 1, 2, and 3.
Episode arrival: 11(reptilian form); E12(true form); E14(Mercury R.).
abilities: Liquidize into Mercury; Head blast("hideous scales" reptilian
form); Spear blast; Spear Strike; Mercury Strike; Old Mercurian Battle Spell.
Weaponry: Crystal; Spear; Mercury Morpher; Drive Detector;
Double-O Zip Shooter; Defender Vest; Drill Blaster; Sentinel Sword.
Vehicle: Overdrive Armored Truck; S.H.A.R.C.; Transtek Armor.
Bio: Moltor orders his new prisoner, Tyzonn, who had made a deal with him, to go with Bullox to steal the Parchment from the Rangers.

Tyzonn steals the Parchment. Red manages to get a corner part of the Parchment back, but Tyzonn gets away with the rest of it. The Rangers find a broken piece of a crystal that Tyzonn lost during the battle. A crystal of which he keeps in a little Pouch.

Dax scans the broken crystal piece, but finds no jewel signature of any kind. Mack wonders why the crystal is so important to Tyzonn.

Tyzonn stops at a small waterfall. Mack watches as Tyzonn stares at his own reflection. Tyzonn is shown to be very angry at himself.

Mack learns that Tyzonn isn't their enemy, and doesn't even know what the Parchment is for. Mack informs him that it leads to one of the jewels of the Corona. Tyzonn is shocked to hear that the Corona Aurora has been found, and knows that if Moltor gets the jewels, he will use the power to destroy everything that is good on all planets.

Tyzonn tells Moltor that he doesn't care about the deal, and he won't help him anymore. Moltor then strikes him, and Tyzonn becomes injured. Tyzonn tells Moltor that he will never get the jewels. Moltor tells Tyzonn that he is his servant forever. The two battle, and Mack jumps in. Red and Moltor battle. Bullox tries to blast Tyzonn, but Red deflects the fireball. Red and Tyzonn retreat into the forest.

Mack bandages Tyzonn's wound. Tyzonn tells Mack that he had brought shame to his planet by bowing to Moltor's will. Tyzonn gives the Parchment back to Mack, and when they hold the two parts together, the Parchment becomes one again.

Moltor and Bullox are close to locating them. The other four, searching for Mack, find green alien blood on the ground and know they are near. Mack and Tyzonn are encountered by Lava Lizards.

Episode 12: Mack and Tyzonn defeat the Lava Lizards. Tyzonn uses his ability to turn into Mercury. Mack turns off his Tracker to keep from being found, and asks Tyzonn to tell him the whole story. Mack gives the crystal piece to Tyzonn.

Mercurians -- Their power is known throughout the galaxy. Tyzonn came to Earth in search for something important to him, but his search was cut short. Moltor offered him to join his army. Tyzonn refused, and so Moltor crushed Tyzonn's crystal he wore on his wrist, breaking it into four pieces, then transformed Tyzonn into a reptilian creature. Moltor offered him a deal to do his bidding and he'll turn him back.

Mack and Tyzonn show up at the base. Mack explains that they can trust him, and that Tyzonn is going to help find the Touru Diamond. Tyzonn pours lemonade on the Parchment. The citric acid in the lemonade reveals the longitude and latitude location of the diamond.

The diamond is located in a volcano. Red and Tyzonn take the diamond. Bullox is destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord.

Back at the base, Tyzonn gives the Touru Diamond to Andrew. The diamond then shrinks to a smaller size. Sentinel Knight appears and congratulates them of their progress. They learn that they can use the two jewels they now have to help Tyzonn. Tyzonn is transformed back into his true humanoid form.

Tyzonn thanks them for their help and heads out to continue his search. But before he leaves, Mack gives him his crystal, which they had restored for him

Episode 13: Two Fearcats, Mig and Cheetar, search for one of the jewels. Tyzonn joins a battle with the rangers, revealing his mission -- Tyzonn came to Earth, chasing the Fearcats. Just as the rangers are about to be hit by a blast from Mig's cannon, Tyzonn jumps in and uses his Mercury form to deflect the blast back at him. The Fearcats retreat.

Fearcats, A gang of intergalactic maniacs that have no respect for life.

After viewing the Fearcats, Flurious decides it's time to break out the Gyros.

Tyzonn has a flashback then leaves to go after the Fearcats while they search for one of the jewels. The team splits up to search for the jewel, and Ronny is captured by the Fearcats.

With Ronny tied up, the Fearcats plan to use her Tracker to free their Fearcat army from a Mirror Prison. Tyzonn and the others locate Ronny and battle the Fearcats. A Fearcat, Benglo, escapes from the Mirror and joins the battle. Tyzonn manages to get Ronny's Tracker back to her. Ronny morphs and breaks free from the ropes. She and Tyzonn then destroy the Mirror, destroying all the remaining Fearcats that were trapped inside.

After being blasted by the Drill Blaster, Cheetar uses the last of his energy to make himself grow. Cheetar is destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord. Mig uses his staff to destroy Tyzonn.

The team return to the scene and find Tyzonn in Mercury form.

Episode 14: The team head back to base with Tyzonn in Mercury form. Ronny drops the others off in the city while she takes Tyzonn to Mr. Hartford to try and save him.

Flurious tries his Gyros on two Chillers, but the power is to strong, and the Chillers are destroyed. Flurious sends Norg to find something that can handle the power.

Benglo and Mig attack the city to draw the Rangers out. Mr. H. uses the stabilizing unit used to stabilize metals and fabricating zord parts to try and bring Tyzonn back to normal. Tyzonn is back, and Ronny leaves to join the others. Andrew again asks Tyzonn to join the team, and gives him a morpher, but Tyzonn again turns him down.

The five Rangers battle the Fearcats. Mig takes out his staff, but then Tyzonn arrives. The rangers try the Drill Blaster Tri-Laser on Benglo, but Benglo breaks free. Tyzonn manages to take Mig's staff. He throws the staff to Yellow, and Yellow slashes the Fearcats with their own weapon. The two are forced to make themselves grow. The two are defeated by the DriveMax Ultrazord.

Norg brings Flurious the bodies of Mig and Benglo. Flurious places the Gyros inside the Fearcats. The two beasts are revived with more power then before. Flurious orders them to obey him. He sends them off to San Angeles to destroy the rangers. Benglo and Mig play along... for now.

Tyzonn informs them that he wants to join the team, but can't. He explains that many years ago, he was part of an elite team, Intergalactic Emergency Responders, but something happened. They were called to a cave-in. Innocent people were caught in rubble. He sent his team into the cave on a search-and-rescue mission while he stayed outside and searched for other injured people. They came out carrying the cavers with them, one was very upset. Tyzonn then learned that the Fearcats were blasting the cave from the inside. Tyzonn's job was to rescue everyone and not just the innocents so he sent his team back in, assuming that the Fearcats were trapped inside. But the Fearcats had escaped somehow. They blasted the cave, trapping the four rescuers inside. Tyzonn tells them that rescuing was his life, but he will never jeopardize another team.

As Tyzonn is leaving, Ronny runs after him and explains that what happened wasn't his fault.

The rangers arrive in the city to find that Benglo and Mig are back. The Gryos transform the two Fearcats into more powerful Fearcats, with new battle armor and weapons. The rangers seem to be unable to stop them. Then Tyzonn arrives in a new uniform. Tyzonn morphs into the Mercury Ranger and takes on the Fearcats. Mercury Ranger forces the Fearcats to retreat.

Episode 26: Tyzonn informs the team more about the cave-in that occurred many years ago. He tells them that Crazar was also there. He thought Crazar was buried inside because he didn't see her leave with Mig and Cheetar. His girlfriend, Vella, was lost in the cave-in. They were going to get married.

Episode 28: Tyzonn learns that Vella is still alive.

Episode 32: Tyzonn's search for Vella ends before it even begins as she and Norg make an appearance.
 Sentinel Knight's team of Power Rangers

Xander Bly, Green Mystic Ranger
Bridge Carson, S.P.D. Red Ranger
Kira Ford, Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
Tori Hanson, Blue Wind Ranger
Adam Park, Mighty Morphin Black Ranger
Episode(s): 20-21.
Bio: Thrax formed an evil alliance and attacked the Universal Morphing Grid. The OO Rangers lost their Ranger powers, so Sentinel Knight formed a new team of previous Power Rangers to replace them. Alpha 6 repaired the Morphing Grid, and the OO Ranger powers are restored. These five returning Rangers get to keep their powers.
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